SMD Clearinghouse

SMD's Clearinghouse mission is to improve the health and well being of persons with disabilities by promoting the concept, benefits and use of self-help. Self-help is rooted in the idea that people who share a disability or chronic condition have something to offer each other that cannot be provided by professionals.

Self-help groups are small, autonomous and open groups that meet regularly to allow members to share experiences, resources and coping mechanisms and – on occasion – come together for social change.

Most often, the main purposes of self-help groups are to: 

  • Facilitate information sharing
  • Promote awareness about the disability or chronic condition
  • Encourage members to form a positive identity
  • Create a sense of community
  • Aid in personal growth and transformation
  • Provide social support
  • Help in the areas of advocacy and collective empowerment.

The SMD Self-Help Clearinghouse supports a network of Manitoba self-help organizations.

SMD Self-Help Clearinghouse means different things to different people.

To the people who depend on self-help organizations for support, SMD Self-Help Clearinghouse is a one-stop source for valuable information and services as well as advocacy on common issues.

The SMD Self-Help Clearinghouse supports a network of independent self-help organizations which in turn provide services to people with disabilities. They are able to draw upon each other’s strengths and develop new approaches to common challenges by pooling their knowledge, ideas and experience

We ultimately exist to create a greater capacity for inclusion of all abilities in the community – and we couldn’t do it without our funders.

We are funded by: