Become a Participating Organization

The SMD Self-Help Clearinghouse provides a package of administrative and consultative services to twelve self-help, non-profit independent, incorporated organizations in the same physical location. Using economies of scale and the benefit of collaboration these organizations save on their operating costs, learn from each other and develop their capacity as organizations.

Physical site services

Administrative services

Consultative services

These self-help organizations in turn help the community living with disabilities and chronic disease.  The combined membership of these participating organizations exceeds 2,300.  Along with these active members, their caregivers and families are also supported throughout the province of Manitoba.

Eligibility and Application

Eligible organizations must be an incorporated non-profit organization or a chapter or resource centre of an incorporated non-profit organization, serve people with medical or disability-based concerns and serve one or more of these primary functions:

Participating organizations must have operated with a budget of less than $1-million in any two of the three years prior to application. Self-help organizations that meet the eligibility criteria will be expected to sign and adhere to the terms outlined in the official service agreement.

Download service agreement (opens PDF)