Garden Party raises money for charity

Garden Party raises money for charity

Deloraine Times & Star, Volume 129 - No. 42, Friday, September 6, 2013
submitted by Dawn Minne

In August 2012, the first garden tea party was hosted at Mary Dobroski's beautiful garden spot in Waskada, Manitoba to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's reign.

This year, the second garden tea party was hosted by Mary and her family on Wednesday, August 14, 2013 on another perfect summer day. Over 30 ladies attended the tea and enjoyed the fun of wearing hats, gloves and using china cups and saucers.

Proceeds of $236.25 from the silver collection were donated to Society for Manitobans with Disabilities (SMD). Mary's daughter Janice has been the recipient of a wheel chair from SMD since 1999, when she became a quadriplegic as a result of removal of a tumor from her brain stem. Janice was in Winnipeg recovering for two years and in 2001 returned to Waskada to live permanently, requiring 24 hour care. Janice's motorized wheelchair has enabled her to have greater mobility and has been beneficial in aiding the personal care workers.

We look forward to bringing out the china and tablecloths and hats again next year.


 Background information about SMD

For 30 years SMD has been providing children and adults in Manitoba with manual and motorized wheelchairs. SMD wheelchair services also repairs and provides maintenance service to make sure wheelchairs remain at optimum operating condition to maximize individual independence. Their focus is on meeting the basic mobility needs of people who are active and independent within the community.

Wheelchairs that people receive from SMD are specific to their individual needs. There are currently over 8,000 Manitobans with wheelchairs from SMD wheelchair services. Wheelchairs are on loan to the individual until it is no longer needed by them.

The Manitoba Parking Permit Program is administered by SMD. The program ensures that if a person has difficulty walking, they can park in one of the specially designated parking spots in lots across the province. Parking permits cost $12.50 per year and are valid for permanent disabilities for three years.

SMD has existed in various forms since the late 1940's. The head office is in Winnipeg with six regional offices throughout Manitoba that provide services and support to people with disabilities in rural areas. The mission of SMD is to have a community that supports the independences, participation and empowerment of persons of all abilities.