“Easter Seals has been around for almost 100 years, providing vital support to the disability community,” says Dave Starrett, President and CEO of Easter Seals Canada. “Although many people recognize the name, very few understand our work to positively impact the lives of kids and their families living with disability.”  Read more

Easter Seals - Zak #unstoppABLE

At the age of 10, Zak developed a bacterial infection which spread throughout his system causing septic shock. His body was able to protect his brain and heart, but other organs suffered the effects of the toxins and lack of oxygen. Much of his tissue was severely damaged, and as a result, he required amputation of his legs and fingers.

Despite this set back, Zak was undeterred and continued to persevere. In 2011, at the age of 16, Zak was introduced to wheelchair rugby and excelled immediately winning a silver medal in the Paralympics and World Championships along with a gold medal in the Parapan Am Games.

Check out his 30 second video to find out why Zak is #Unstoppable!

Easter Seals - Brandon #unstoppABLE

Brandon has cerebral palsy, which affects his right leg and arm. He uses a walker primarily to get around, and a wheelchair for longer distances.  When he needs to replace a walker he has outgrown, he can count on Easter Seals to provide him with the assistive equipment he needs to remain active.  

Brandon is articulate and passionate. he has participated in camp through Easter Seals but is also willing to take on challenges – first public speaking and then rock climbing, sit-skiing and tubing down a challenging hill.

Check out his 30 second video to find out why Brandon is #Unstoppable!

Easter Seals - Victoria #unstoppABLE

An only child, Victoria was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 2 years old. Following intensive chemotherapy to combat the disease, she developed a spinal cord injury that doctors diagnosed as unspecified spinal cord damage. Later, Victoria's condition was defined as transverse myelitis.

As a result, her lower extremities are fragile and she has difficulty with balance. "I can't walk without using a mobility device," says Victoria. "I get tired easily by standing or walking and I feel sore in my muscles, especially in my back. When I go out, I sometimes need to sit in a transport chair and have my parents push the chair around. Otherwise, I get too tired to do anything else.

Despite her disability, Victoria is also an multi-talented musician, having mastered the piano, flute, saxophone, guitar and ukulele.

Click on her 30 second video above to see why Victoria is #Unstoppbale!