I have the ABILITY to be...a teacher!

Joanna Hawkins teaches ASL to children from birth to the age of 5.  She received services from SMD when she was younger and acquired language from this program.  She feels it's her opportunity to help others and help children so that's why she loves teaching.  She works as part of a team, as part of a group of professionals.  There are teachers of the Deaf, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech language pathologists.  They work as part of team supporting whatever the child might need assistance with.  Joanna works as an ELC (Early Learning Consultant) outside of Winnipeg and within the community of Winnipeg.  She provides services inside family's homes and inside the Communication Centre for Children.    There is assessment capabilities on-site in terms of identifying a child's particular needs for their language development.  She helps support nursery schools and daycares as well.  Joanna and her team not only work with children they also work with parents, with teachers and educational assistants.  When a person has a Deaf child, that may be their first experience so they won't know how to communicate.  Some of the children use ASL, some have oral and auditory capabilities so there are Hard of Hearing and Deaf children. Read more...Got Milk story.