Endowment Funds

Over the years, numerous endowment funds have been established through SMD Foundation/Easter Seals™ Manitoba. Each endowment fund is used to support a specifc type of programming or aspect of service.

Thanks to the generosity of our community and corporate partners and the commitment of our valued donors, SMD Foundation/Easter Seals™ Manitoba strives to ensure growth in net assets necessary for long term sustainability.

Throughout the economic fluctuations, SMD Foundation/Easter Seals™ Manitoba continued to fulfill its mandate of generating contributions and fostering philanthropy.

The Board focused on a number of initiatives with an emphasis on raising funds and increasing disbursements for persons with disabilities. These key areas included the development of policies, enhanced financial oversight and review, and continued protection of net assets.

Moreover, the Investment Advisory Committee engaged Eckler Ltd., an Investment Performance Measurement Consultant, to review the performance of the Investment Manager in order to maximize returns. Funds are invested with a reputable investment management firm, Standard Life.

With a view to long-term sustainability, SMD sold its long-term headquarters, 825 Sherbrook Street. Our organization will remain as tenants in the building until such time as a new location is secured.

For more information on any existing SMD Foundation/Easter Seals™ Manitoba-related endowment fund, or on how to establish your own endowment fund, contact  the SMD Foundation office at (204) 975-3089.