Workplace Giving

Workplace giving is a way for you and your company to give back to the community and make a difference to a cause that is important to you.

Ask your employer about how they support community programs!

There are a variety of ways that businesses support charitable organizations. These can include giving their staff the opportunity to volunteer or hold fundraising activities at work; donating to charities where employees volunteer on their own time; and through donations from payroll deductions.

If your employer has a system in place for payroll donations it can be a simple and cost effective way for you to support SMD year round. By contributing a few dollars per paycheck you will be making a huge impact on Manitobans with disabilities.

Ask your employer if they have a matching donation program!

Some companies have a matching donation program, by accessing their charitable funds you can increase the value of your donation even more!

Did you know that you can direct your United Way donation to a specific charity?

If you are one of the thousands of people who donate through United Way each year and want to direct it to SMD, you can! When you sign up there is an option to specify the recipient charity. You can select SMD and even specify a program or area you wish to support.

Donations through workplace giving enable SMD to plan confidently for the future, spending less on fundraising and directing more of your donation to the programs that impact Manitobans with disabilities.

If you want someone to speak with your organization about getting involved with SMD please contact us at:

SMD Foundation/Easter Seals™ Manitoba
825 Sherbrook Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3A 1M5
Telephone: (204) 975-3089
Toll free: 1-866-282-8041 - Canada/US
TTY: (204) 975-3083
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