Vocational Assessment

As part of SMD's Employment Preparation Centre (EPC), the Vocational Assessment Program provides assessment, training and services using a combination of standardized tests, interviews, counselling and workplace assessments to assist consumers in learning about potential jobs and careers.

Assessments may take from one day to one month, depending on a consumer's needs. The assessments emphasize interests, aptitude for learning, manual dexterity and perceptual ability, physical abilities and employment potential. Work habits, behaviour, medical conditions and circumstances that are most conducive to learning are also taken into account.

Through the Vocational Assessment Program, adults living with disabilties strengthen their work skills and begin to explore their career possibilities so they can find the job that's right for them.

For more information, contact the SMD Employment Preparation Centre at (204) 975-3124 or TTY (204) 975-3083