Case Management / Counselling

At SMD, case management is a cross-agency service that ensures that appropriate resources are available to meet the needs of each individual as well as that individual's family.

By determining what supports and services are most appropriate, case managers provide both continuity of service and improved support to people with disabilities that will help them achieve their goals.

The Program’s Rehabilitation Counsellors are typically the first link for individuals and families being referred to the agency. Key areas of support that are offered by the Counsellors include:

Although referrals may eventually require medical authorization, families can often refer themselves as a way to initiate service. Other referral sources include (but are not limited to) schools, doctors and therapists.

While referral forms may exist, general letters with identifying information, confirmation of the family’s knowledge of the referral, a medical diagnosis and a listing of support people/systems currently involved with the family are equally acceptable and can used to begin the service process.

For more information, contact SMD Adult Services at (204) 975-3101