Escape Rooms - Next Level Escapes

January 24, 2019

Location: Next Level Escapes (390 Provencher Blvd)
Time: 5:45 - 7:15PM
Cost: $20/ea

Come out and try your luck at escaping either The Office where you must gain control of your company before your revolutionary product is shelved or The Saloon where you are in the wild west and you must take back your town’s stolen bank reserves before a high-noon standoff!

The Office
You are part of a team who have developed a revolutionary new product. The CEO was just found dead, and the company is about to be inherited by his brother. The CEOs brother works for a competing company and wants to halt the product's launch.You know the CEO would have left your team the company, and to save the product, you must find the will and deliver it to the board of directors before the inheritance is finalized.

The Saloon
You are in the wild west at a neighbouring town. It is owned by the Sheriff, Barkeep and Madam, who have stolen the reserves from your town’s bank. You and your group have figured out that it is stashed somewhere in this saloon. You must organize your party to get it back because the leaders of your group have called out the bandits for a high-noon standoff as a distraction to buy your group time to find the reserves. It is currently 11:00 am: you have one hour to find the reserves and escape through the back exit and avoid the standoff.

SMD's Adult Leisure & Recreation program offers social leisure and recreation opportunities to adults with primarily physical or neurological disabilities. Program activities are lead by a Recreational Facilitator and volunteers. If you require one to one support for activities of daily living we ask that you bring your own attendant. Transportation arrangements to and from events are the responsibility of the participant.

Please call Colleen Moyer at 204-975-3065 or email

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