Escape Rooms - Mask Escapes

January 17, 2019

Location: Mask Escapes (7-25 Scurfield Ave)
Time: 6 - 7:30PM
Cost: $20/ea

You and a few friends will have one hour to try and escape either ‘Roll the Bones’ or ‘Global Human Extinction’.

Roll The Bones
On the run of a lifetime at an underground casino, you've turned $300 into $1.4 Million and it is time to cash out.  They shut the casino down and tell you for a payout this big, The Boss is on his way to take care of you personally.  You know you're in danger when you overhear one of the guards laugh and say, "You think The Boss is going to pay these guys in lead like he did the last big winners?"  You're locked in.  Has your luck just run out?  You have got to get out of there now!

Global Human Extinction
After losing everything, Dr. Viktor Haussen has lashed out in his grief and rage, creating a genetically enhanced supervirus that will start a global pandemic and kill every human being on the planet.  Your team only has one hour to crack his code, abort the virus launch and save humanity.

SMD's Adult Leisure & Recreation program offers social leisure and recreation opportunities to adults with primarily physical or neurological disabilities. Program activities are lead by a Recreational Facilitator and volunteers. If you require one to one support for activities of daily living we ask that you bring your own attendant. Transportation arrangements to and from events are the responsibility of the participant.

Please call Colleen Moyer at 204-975-3065 or email

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