Post-Polio Network AGM

March 26, 2019, April 30, 2019

Location: Caboto Centre (1055 Wilkes Ave)
Time: 1 - 2:30 PM
Cost: Free
Hand/Shoulder Massage Therapy, Speaker: Krista Paulson (BMR-PT, BSc, MSc)

For more info on the event CLICK HERE!

SMD Self-Help Clearinghouse supports a network of independent self-help organizations which in turn provide services to people with disabilities. They are able to draw upon each other’s strengths and develop new approaches to common challenges by pooling their knowledge, ideas and experience.

Self-help groups are small, autonomous and open groups that meet regularly to allow members to share experiences, resources and coping mechanisms and – on occasion – come together for social change.

For more information call 204-975-3037 and leave a message or email

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