Children's Services Coordination

Case management services are provided for children from the moment they and their families first become involved with SMD until the time they leave school (or turn 21).

Case management is the key to all services provided through SMD Services. That’s because a children's service coordinator plays an important role in helping families meet the specialized needs of their children.

Service coordinators help:

SMD Services also recognizes that the family is a vital part of the support team for any child. It’s the family, after all, that’s there for a child 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That’s why SMD service coordinators work closely with parents and other family members to build the family’s capacity for coping with the specialized needs of children with disabilities. This includes educating families about things they can do at home on a daily basis and working with community organizations to help ensure children’s needs are met in school and community environments.

Together, SMD service coordinators and families work to provide every advantage possible to make the life of a child with a disability better.

For more information, please contact the Children's Services Intake Coordinator at (204) 975-3085.