Outreach Therapy for Children

The Outreach Therapy Program at SMD makes it possible for preschool age children (ages five and under) to receive a variety of services either at their homes or in nearby communities – no matter where in Manitoba they might live.

Services from physiotherapy to occupational therapy to speech language pathology are provided using a family-centered model, where the child and family are the central figures in determining service needs. The services bring together parents, siblings, child care providers, therapists and service coordinators who all play an important role in supporting a child's growth and development. With everyone working together, services can be better coordinated and provide the most benefits possible.

The Outreach Therapy Program is available to pre-school children with a physical and/or cognitive disability, a developmental delay, a pervasive developmental disorder (i.e., autism) or a life-long, complex medical need that results in a dependence on technology.

For more information, contact Provincial Outreach Therapy at (204) 975-3265