Community Education & Training

Community education and training is about changing how governments, corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations and others rethink their involvement of people with disabilities in day-to-day operations and long-term plans.

SMD offers a combination of small group training sessions and workshops, information packages and other initiatives to deliver well-rounded education and training services. These education and training services encourage and empower employers who want to make a stronger commitment to changing their workplace environments in ways that enable an individual with a disability to compete for employment and participate to their full potential in the community.

There are numerous benefits to participating in a community education and training session:

For more information on Community Inclusion programs, contact:

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Community Inclusion and Support Services

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Training Program Model

The community education and training program is based on a reflective/participatory model of adult education.

Individual components of the program provide catalysts for deepening awareness and for reflecting on personal knowledge and experiences in the area of disability awareness. Such reflections then become a source of discussion, insight and activities for participants. In addition, people with disabilities facilitate portions of the workshops wherever appropriate, adding first-hand insights and thoughts for discussion.

Training can consist of either a standard workshop session or a session customized to meet the needs and training goals of a specific organization. Sessions are generally delivered to small groups (approximately 20 -25 people) to allow for more interaction between participants and greater opportunities to incorporate hands-on learning exercises. In terms of timing, sessions can range from one hour to an entire day, depending on the need and intended outcome.

Available Workshops

There are several different education and training workshops available through SMD's Community Education and Training Department, and each can be tailored to specific businesses or situations.

Available workshops include:

Tailored workshops are also available. Please contact Community Education and Training to discuss your training needs.