Community Education & Training

SMD’s Community Education and Training program has been helping schools, governments,  corporations, non-profit organizations and others rethink their involvement of people with disabilities in day-to-day operations and long-term plans.

Accessible Customer Service Standard Training

The Accessibility Standard for Customer Service is now law in Manitoba. Businesses and organizations will be required to provide customer service that is accessible to all Manitobans. Community Education and Training has created a Made-in-Manitoba series of six short videos that highlight the importance of making businesses and organizations more accessible to customer with disabilities. SMD is able to provide training that addresses all of the required components of training as outlined by the Accessible Customer Service Standard by using the videos and creating customized content for your business or organization.


Other Available Workshops

Training can consist of either a standard workshop session or a session customized to meet the needs and training goals of a specific organization. Sessions are generally delivered to small groups (approximately 20 -25 people) to allow for more interaction between participants and greater opportunities to incorporate hands-on learning exercises.

Available workshops include:

• Disability Awareness
• The Intersection of Culture and Disability
• Accessibility for Manitobans Act: Accessible Customer Service Standard Training
• Inclusion in a Recreation Setting
• Deaf Culture and the Deaf Community
• Facilitating Groups

Tailored workshops are also available. Please contact Community Education and Training to discuss your training needs.

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