Adult Programs

SMD has a strong relationship with Manitoba’s Deaf community.  SMD has developed numerous programs and courses to assist clients who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, as well as others who want to help make the community more accessible for everyone.

Language Program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adult Newcomers – is a learner centered, culturally sensitive program for Deaf/hard of hearing adults to learn English and/or American Sign Language as additional languages. Individual and group classes are multi-level ranging from Literacy to Canadian Language Benchmarks 7.

Adult Counselling Services

Vocational Rehabilitation Program - refers to the progressive process of planning, preparing for and attaining gainful employment. Services may include counselling, assessment and support in obtaining financial assistance for job training or educational programs and employment placement.

ASL Family Subsidy Program - The Province of Manitoba offers a subsidy to help pay for the costs of ASL programming (in-home tutoring, ASL Immersion, ASL course) for family members who need to learn ASL.  Family members who have a child/youth (Deaf or hard of hearing) 17 years of age and under who needs or uses ASL, may be eligible.  There is a maximum subsidy of $600.00 per year, per family.  The subsidy can be accessed if there is no other funding (Educational Authority, EIA, CFS, etc.) available.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program staff are available to provide a range of presentations, workshops and consultative services to communities and organizations.  Professional development programs that address such topics as Accessibility, Communications, ASL and Deaf Culture can be tailored to a group’s specific needs.

For more information, contact SMD Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services - TTY 204 975 3083 or e-mail Claudine Bach at