ASL Training


Questions and Answers

I would like to take an ASL course to help me communicate with my Deaf child / relative but I can’t afford to pay for the course.  Is there any financial assistance available?

The provincial government offers a subsidy to help parents and other family members pay the registration fees for ASL courses.  The subsidy is offered to families whose Deaf or hard of hearing children are 17 years of age and under.  The subsidy is also available to families who have hearing children who need ASL to communicate.

I don’t live in Winnipeg.  Are there ASL courses in other locations in Manitoba?

Special and regular ASL courses are set up throughout the province based on demand.  A school or group may wish to sponsor a course or they may request the assistance of SMD’s offices throughout the province.  Instructors travel to various communities from time to time.

If you would like information about these courses or setting one up in your home community area, please contact Rita Bomak – TTY 204 975 3083 or e-mail or Canada VRS 1-431-800-4381