Childrens Programs

SMD’s Communication Centre for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing provides comprehensive, individually-designed programs for children under six who have sensory-neural, permanent conductive or unilateral hearing loss. The goal is to help children  open a world of communication through the development of verbal communication skills, American Sign Language (ASL), or a combination of both.

The programs and services of the Communication Centre for Children are offered throughout the Province of Manitoba at no charge to families that meet the eligibility requirements. Children and their families can participate via classroom, community or home –whichever way works best for them.

Parents/guardians are part of a team that includes teachers of the Deaf, early learning consultants, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, counsellors, ASL specialists and an audiologist. Together, the team addresses the communication, literacy, learning, and developmental needs that will enable children to maximize their educational potential and their ability to participate in their communities.

For more information, contact Susan Reiser at the SMD Communication Centre for Children at (204) 975-3062 or

ASL Courses

For information on ASL courses and the summer ASL Immersion Program, click on the Adult Services tab to the left then click Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services.


Did you know you can now order ASL DVD’s from the Communication Centre for Children? There are three different DVD’s available for purchase now.   For more information or to order the DVD’s you may contact Natasha Tuck ( or Cathy Grafton ( 

ASL Songs and Rhymes DVD

• Professionally Developed
• 20 popular children songs translated into ASL
• 3 ASL Phonology Poems
• All songs have captioning
• No voice -over

Preview the ASL Songs and Rhymes DVD Here.  Below is a link to a YouTube Video with a short clip of the DVD.


Basic ASL Vocabulary DVD (without pictures)

• Starring our 2 Fabulous Deaf Early ASL Consultants
• 300+ Signs – Vocabulary is based on typical early vocabulary (Food, Clothing, Vehicles, Actions, Animals, Household Items)
• Voice-over
Preview the DVD Here.  Below is a link to a YouTube Video with a short clip of the Basic ASL DVD.


Basic ASL Vocabulary with Pictures DVD

• Starring our Fabulous Deaf Early ASL Consultant
• Child-Friendly
• 150 Signs – Vocabulary is based on typical early vocabulary (Animals, Toys, Food, Actions, Household items, Outdoor items)
• Photograph is shown first followed by the sign
• Voice-over