Mother & Daughter Overcome Barriers!

Daisy and Zoey

Daisy was born in Dauphin, Manitoba with fluid trapped behind her eardrums, causing monthly infections. At 16 months old, she had tubes put in her ears but by then, scar tissue had built up causing her to have hearing loss. After surgery, she started to learn and talk. From being delayed in hearing, she got connected with our Children’s Service Coordination (CSC) program and needed to see a Speech-Language Pathologist to improve her communication skills.

Daisy’s mother, Zoey explains, “Due to the fact she couldn’t hear properly, school has been difficult. Sometimes, she gets upset in class and shows signs of not paying attention. Fortunately, she goes to an amazing school that offers an FM system so she can hear, does one-on-one teaching, and has teachers willing to try anything and everything so she can focus and understand. Additionally, SMD has helped our family with travel fees, food, and hotel costs for Daisy’s appointments.” She adds, “SMD helped with paying for those much needed medical trips so the stress of money wasn’t one I had to think about, and I could be there for my daughter.”


Zoey also received services through SMD as she has sensory neural hearing loss in her right ear. This required some accommodations throughout her studies. “With a curious fascination for understanding the body and its various systems, a career as a Licensed Practical Nurse is a perfect fit for Zoey,” says Kim Parks, a Rehabilitation Counsellor who works out of our Dauphin office that worked closely with Zoey. “She is wrapping up her final year at the Assiniboine Community College and is on route to achieve her employment goal. It has been an absolute pleasure working alongside Zoey, as she radiates with passion when talking about her studies and various practicum placements.”


Zoey explained that she cried with joy when she first experienced the FM amplification system that she used in the classroom, allowing her to hear lectures and participate in small group activities. “It opened up new opportunities for me and allowed me to excel in my studies,” says Zoey.

It was recommended that a specialized stethoscope was required for Zoey’s practicum placements. The stethoscope had a volume adjuster which allowed her to participate fully in the monitoring and assessment of her patients. She was able to purchase this stethoscope through funding from the Employability Assistance for People with Disabilities program.

Kim adds, “Zoey’s passion, kindness, enthusiasm, and strong-knowledge base will make her an exceptional nurse. This is just the start of her success story and as a case manager I can’t wait to see where the next steps take her!”

When asked what message Zoey would like to share, she proudly states, “Having a disability should never stop you from becoming and doing something you love. There is always supports where needed, and it’s okay to get help and receive supports when offered. I am very thankful for SMD. They helped me work towards my dream of becoming a nurse by taking away some stresses in life like income, helping me with my hearing disability, and giving me the resources to help me learn.”