Practice What You Preach!

April Stampe

April Stampe is 23 years old and a fourth-year Nursing student at the University of Manitoba. She is a kind-hearted, self-motivated, and optimistic person. When she is not busy with school or work, she enjoys being outdoors hiking and pursuing nature photography. 

Her nursing practice has given April a great appreciation for the services and programs available for people with disabilities. It has allowed her to witness the effects disabilities like loss of sight, hearing, and mobility have on an individual’s independence. “Through working with these individuals, I have seen the benefits of having supports like assistive devices being made available to them,” she says.

Although adaptive equipment such as wheelchairs or walkers can compensate for losses in mobility or dexterity and help maintain independence, they often carry a cost that make them inaccessible or cause additional financial stress to some. SMD Services can help lessen the financial strains and barriers individuals with disabilities face, helping them focus on living their life to the fullest.

April Stampe After Rappelling 2018 Drop Zone

April also took part in 2018’s Drop Zone event, a unique fundraising opportunity where individuals get the opportunity to rappel down the exterior of the Manitoba Hydro building (all 272 feet) in support of Manitoban’s with disabilities. “I planned on overcoming my fear of heights by pushing myself out of my comfort zone so I could to gain confidence and strength. I believed this challenge helped me appreciate what I am truly capable of when I really set my mind to do something.”

Click Here to take part in 2019’s Drop Zone and we encourage you to check out our Programs and Services.