Positive Energy Breaking Barriers

hannah yang Hannah is 15 years old with Athetoid Cerebral Palsy who radiates with positive energy. This type of cerebral palsy is characterized by abnormal, involuntary movement. “Some barriers in my life have included dance,” exclaims Hannah. “I love it so much and last year was fortunate enough to perform at the semester one dance recital.” She adds, “I remember being so nervous as I didn’t want to fall and embarrass myself and family. However, so many people at the end of the recital told me that I did amazing and it made them emotional that a girl like me who has a physical disability can just be a star on stage and it made them cry.”

As a younger child, Hannah received a Wheelchair from our Wheelchair Services program. “I used to have a wheelchair that I always rode on but as I’m getting older I don’t need it as much,” she says. “But it sure helped me a lot during the years when I was being taught independence.”

Bill and HannahHannah has also been involved with our Day Camps for kids for the past four years and when asked about some of her favourite experiences she answers, “I have so many memories but the one that was so much fun was the day when I was in grade 8 and my Special O team went to the arena to play sledge hockey. Bill and Jaylene ran it.”

Hannah says she has met some amazing people and really enjoyed hearing their stories. She also likes seeing how the staff and campers click which has had a positive impact on her life. “The staff are not just camp leaders but they're friends also,” she adds.

When asked about how SMD has impacted her she adds, “SMD has positively changed my life; the staff are incredibly encouraging to campers. I’ve never met a company that blast encouragement so high before. They are such an amazing company that sees the positive in people.”

Hannah and MarnieHannah, along with her friend Marnie also manage an Instagram account @favorandgracee where they promote positivity by sharing people’s stories. “Not many people see the positive side of things and the things that other people are struggling with every day,” says Hannah. “We want to help people see that disabilities, age-gap relationships, cancer warriors, etc. are just like them.” She adds, “Our goal is to show others that they are perfect, beautiful, unique and worth it in their own way.” Hannah and Marnie aspire to traveling around the world interviewing people from all walks of life and sharing their stories along the way.

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