Frequently Asked Questions

This section will answer some of the questions asked most frequently through the Ask SMD section of this website to help provide a quick-reference starting point for people seeking reliable, well-researched information.

Common questions will be posted according to category, along with answers that have been researched with professionals in related fields.

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: It is important to note that the responses provided by SMD are NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR IN-PERSON PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATION. This is especially true of responses to medical or health-related questions. While SMD will provide general responses based on research conducted with professionals, each person’s situation is unique and you are encouraged to consult with a professional to help you meet your individual needs.

Accessibility FAQs

Q: Who can I contact to discuss accessibility issues or commission an accessibility report?

A: When it comes to Accessibility Consulting, SMD has a long relationship with Brian Everton of AP design for All Inc. He can be reached using the following contact information:

Brian Everton
AP Design For All Inc.
NPO Box 52012
Winnipeg, MB
R2M 5P9
voice: 204.794.8211
fax: 204.237.3730

(Source: SMD Alliance)

Q: What rules am I required to follow when building a ramp to a house?

A: Within Canada there are specific guidelines to follow which are usually based upon the National Building Code of Canada. The current edition in effect is the 1995 publication.

Each of the provinces can either adopt the regulations of the national building code or they can add or remove some of the requirements. It would be best to check with local building authorities to confirm what the applicable rules are for your geographic area. Within Manitoba most areas comply with the requirements set out in the Manitoba Building Code and as such in the areas of ramp design and construction are taken directly from the regulations set out in the National Building Code of Canada 1995. (Source: Brian Everton, BID PIDIM IDC LEED™ - AP Design For All Inc.)