Public Service Announcements

Good Sports

(FADE IN: On an older male standing in front of a hockey net, trying to block shots.)

Male: You know, it’s funny. For years, I heard other dads talking about their kids playing hockey. They went on and on about the wins and the losses and how well their kids played. Sometimes it felt like maybe my son was missing out. Then, he decides to sign up for this new league. Now he’s out there playing every week. I get out there too with him and show him how it’s done.

(Ball goes into net and then the camera spins around quickly to reveal a teen in a wheelchair, holding a hockey stick; he is obviously the one who’s been taking shots.)

Teen: That’s ten. You owe me five bucks!

(CUT TO: Parking lot - man and boy moving towards Van)

(SUPER: See Ability. Easter Seals. SMD & Me.

Dad: You want to grab a hot chocolate? I’m buying.

Teen: Sure…but you still owe me five bucks.

Parents Just Don't Understand

(FADE IN: On a teenage male sitting in his room at a desk in front of his laptop computer)

Teen: I just don’t get it. My partents are always on me about cleaning my room and doing my homework. It’s always blah, blah, blah allowance. Blah, blah, blah, responsibility. Like I don’t do enough around here as it is.

V/O: Michael! I thought I asked you to take out the garbage!

Teen: I will in a minute!

V/O: Not in a minute! Now!

Teen: Fine!

(under breath) Why do I always have to do everything around here …

(Camera pulls back quickly to reveal Teen is in a wheelchair.)

(CUT TO: Teen rolling up to the garbage and putting in a bag.)

(SUPER: See Ability. Easter Seals. SMD & Me.

Teen: I bet other parents don’t treat their kids like this.

Speaking the Same Language

FADE IN: A table at a restaurant. A woman and man are seated at a table looking at menus. The man turns to face the camera.)

Male: I think I'm in love. I mean she's unique, she's smart, she’s funny…drop DEAD gorgeous.

(CUT TO: Closeup of the woman smiling)

(CUT TO: Cut back to man and woman at table)

We have so much in common and we just get along so well, it’s crazy. It’s like…it’s like we speak the same language.

(The man turns to the woman and they begin signing back and forth.)

(SUPER: See Ability. Easter Seals. SMD & Me.